Haritha Bio Fuel is the most trusted dealers and service provider in the market of Bio Fuel. Came into existence with a vision to provide you an existing range with a vital recognition to help its customers to know about Bio Fuels n make it simple for them to trust us. We are the authorized dealers of Bio Fuels based in Bangalore n in a reach within few hours. Bio Fuel are transportation fuels like ethanol. and is the most commonly used in Europe.  Bio fuel produce less greenhouse gases overall than fossil fuels when they are burned and are alternative sources to fossil fuels – allowing for greater fuel security for countries with little or no oil reserves of their own. 

With our fully functional unit at Haritha Bio Fuel we’ve been a customer delight since our existence. In short we want you to know about what Bio Fuel is ? As a pioneer in the industry, we offer a wide range of products for our esteemed client. All our products are from the best manufactures and you can find the stamp of quality on everything around.

Haritha Bio fuel Manufactures quality Biodiesel FO & Biodiesel LDO, replacing bulk consumption Furnace Oil & Light Diesel Oil in various Industrial heating and power generation applications. HBF’s Biodiesel FO and Biodiesel LDO offer significant cost benefits to customers in addition to major environmental and greenhouse gas emission mitigation benefits. HBF supplies/can supply to all major sectors like Steel, Infrastructure, Pharma, Distilleries, F&B, etc.

Our Team

Managing Director

A Pioneer Entrepreneur in the Indian Biofuel Sector, has researched and demonstrated commercial scale manufacturing of biodiesel from varied non-conventional low value feedstocks. His in-depth know-how on the supply side and market side dynamics of the Biofuels sector and strong technical know-how on various low value by-products of vegetable oil refineries. Has established HBF as the only rapidly scaled up Biodiesel co. in India.


Advisory Board

1.  D.Mohan

2.  Srinivas G.P

3.  Ambika .D

4.  Chakravarthi.